Kristiana. Mini me. So, what happens when I tell her that she can come along and assist on some studio shoots?  It starts with, “Hey, Mom, let me sit in the chair and you can test the light on me,” and then quickly progresses to “hey, do ya think I could just try on that wedding gown, Mom?” Well, I am only too happy to oblige, because Kristiana is a hoot in front of the camera. Freak flag? Yea, she has a big one and isn’t afraid to let it fly. That’s one of the things that makes her so much fun to be around. That’s my girl!





















2 Responses to “Kristiana.”

  1. wow, she is seriously gorgeous and so is that wedding gown!
    Just think, in another like 10 years or so you may be taking very similar pictures of her…….. 😉

  2. That’s my little babydoll, too! (-* What a beauty….(how could she miss with you as her mommie?) and and Kath! What a bee-you-tee-ful photoshoot! Absolutely wonderful! i love it. Your talent is unending!


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