Melissa. Scott. and the Chesapeake.

What happens when you put together the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, a late summer Baltimore wedding, and perfect light?  Photography nirvana.  Melissa and Scott had the best day for their wedding. They’re from Richmond, and Tech alumni, but they know what the Chesapeake has to offer . . .  and their whole wedding day reflected their style. Simple elegance. 






































It’s getting to be a pattern that I really like . . . shooting these babies with Kim of Kimberly Brooke Photography. We’re trying some cool new wedding things . . . having some fun with off camera lighting, and putting up a reception slideshow so the guests get to relive the day while it’s still happening! The response has been so much fun to listen to, and it is so much fun to shoot weddings with a photographer that I LOVE!


3 Responses to “Melissa. Scott. and the Chesapeake.”

  1. Love #2 & 3. And the girls group shot was fun! So cool you’re working with Kim, she’s awesome =) Nice work!

  2. Awww this is soooo cute! I love the dresses and the setting, outside—-oh-so-romatic:-) I LOVE dreaming! Once again you captured the beauty of life as it is lived!

  3. Michele Voss Says:

    Love the pictures Kathy. Beautiful as normal! How does someone go about getting ahold of you to shoot a wedding? Email me and let me know, I want to give my friend your contact info!!

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