Ocean’s Ten.


You know what I’m talking ’bout.

Delicious Danny Ocean. Full of adventure, risk, and charm. 


When you’re from Baltimore, Maryland, Danny Ocean demands a paradigm shift. . . 

as in, “guess where we’re going this weekend?”






Feelin’ sluggish? Need a little boost. Try this gateway drug.


After a month of the  back to school grind, we needed a weekend away. No matter that a huge storm was slated to pass through at the same time . . . that just means bigger waves and more treasure to find on the beach, and I’m not talking about those military explosives that washed up on Fenwick Island, either. We didn’t see those, but we sure did find some cool shells.




We also got to go to Trimper’s Amusements (thank you to an awesome client who pulled some strings for us!). Trimper’s has been around forever (over 100 years!) and as the kids rode the carousel, we could tell them that their great grandmother, Gi-Gi could have ridden the same horses as a little girl. Very cool. Carl, of course, was a trooper, getting on rides that make me sick to look at. 🙂 













Fenwick Island, Delaware. Classic family adventure.





3 Responses to “Ocean’s Ten.”

  1. Kathy,
    These are incredible pictures. What did you do to them to obtain the colors?

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Hey, Jenna. Very technical lighting plan. No, I’m lying. Actually, it was the “aged photo” preset in Lightroom. Lightroom rocks! And now 2.0 is available w/ a palettes feature, which means you can do retouching like Photoshop. NICE.

  3. Kath – love everything! Your family is full of such gems. I am loving working with the new LR. It seriously rocks – nice work!

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