Daniel. On His Way.

That’s my boy! Yes, that’s Sam, my baby, but I’m referring to the photographer . . . my son, Daniel. Not bad, huh? I’m making him suggesting that he keep the camera on manual, so that he learns about shutter speed, aperture, film speed and metering. I can tell that he’s got the disease . . . it’s the way he goes leaping from shot to shot, excited to capture the next cool angle. I love it, love it, love it.



2 Responses to “Daniel. On His Way.”

  1. Dave Clausen Says:

    A truly creative, and excellent shot Daniel!

    Next time we speak, I’d love to know where and how you took this.

  2. Whoa! It’s in the family! Look at it this way….the one who’s doing the “suggesting”, the one doing the smiling and the one doing the behind the lens magic! i say it’s either “contagious” or inherited! (-8 oxoxox i love you all! What a great shot Daniel! You’re amazing!

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