The Kellys. Real. Life.


Meet the Kelly family. When we first started homeschooling, the Kellys came alongside us to guide and support. That was too many years ago to admit. 

It’s been such joy to see each special Kelly discover and embrace  his unique gifts from God.



Here are the “Christmas Card” Kellys.



Here are the real Kellys.



Hannah is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She’s unafraid to pursue her dreams. She has created and sold beautiful custom jewelry in a local gift shop, she is beekeeper, and she is a passionate and talented photographer

. . . with her own blog!






Johnny is an avid sportsman, full of energy and focus, and loves lacrosse (it runs deep in his blood). In his down time, Johnny spends time with his Les Paul.







We’ve called Allie “Sunny” since she was a little girl, because she spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Allie’s latest passion is gymnastics . . . that girl is amazing! She’s always flippin’ and spinnin’ and splittin’. Makes me sore just watching her go!










Precious Lydia is a ball of soccer playing energy. Full of life, full of fun, always running at top speed.






Okay, I could have chosen the “pretty” shot or the “personality” shot of Micaiah. Irresistible.




And finally, meet Boaz, who politely informed me that he would not be smiling for any of our photos on this day. And he kept his word. Okay by me. Look at those eyes.






 John and Tee. A couple who have lived their lives with purpose and conviction.  A couple who have laid down their lives to pour into their children’s lives, and it shows.


The Kelly Family. A city on a hill whose light cannot be hidden. 


One Response to “The Kellys. Real. Life.”

  1. aww Ms. Kathy, they are so amazing!!!! I love how the pix turned out!! Thanx for being such an inspiration!! love love love it, as always:-)

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