The Bellingers.


Meet the Bellingers. They are an awesome family from Phoenix, Maryland full of life and passion. 

I’ve known Katie and Joe since they were both law school students at University of Baltimore. Now they both practice in the Baltimore area and are raising up a great brood of Bellingers.

Katie will one day write her memoirs, and you will laugh so hard you’ll need to stick close to the loo. Katie is one of those gifted writers . . . first sentence and you’re inside her head.  But no time to write those memoirs yet . . . she’s still livin’ them every single day with her Joe, their  Jake, and twins ,Hannah and Drew . . . 






Jake is a charming conversationalist . . . very funny, and loves football and lacrosse . . . well,  he IS from Baltimore.









Hannah is all girl . . . mamma’s girl. Actually, the photo of Hannah below is KT back in our college days. Totally fun, totally free, and the life of the party.









And Drew . . . he is complete joy. Really passionate, intense, and so much fun to be around.






At the beginning of our shoot, Drew decided that photo taking was not his cup of tea. So, he went inside and created “Drewhead,” which would take his place in all the family photos. And “Drewhead” did appear in several of the family photos, but when Drew saw that our photo shoot was really just climbing trees, throwing the football and playing on the swingset, he was in 100%.



Those Bellingers . . .sharin’ the love. It’s a beautiful thing. 





Click here to view the Bellinger Slideshow!


4 Responses to “The Bellingers.”

  1. Carolin Head Says:

    Wow! The pictures of the Bellingers are fabulous! I’m Katie’s Mom…

  2. I’m not Katie’s mom, but I also think the pictures are fabulous! What a fun, loving, beautiful family!

  3. What fantastic pictures! And the blog really captured the essence of each Bellinger family member – especially Katie’s writing. I loved Drewhead!

  4. Hi! Joe and I work together from time to time. I am a new fan of Kathy’s work and was delighted to see a familiar face as I perused the website. You have a beautiful family, Joe. Seeing you here tells me that my family is in the right place!


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