Kelly. Clan.




I remember when I was a teenager . . . in the good ole’ 80’s . . . each year I would look through Good Housekeeping for the Jheri Redding Christmas greeting/ advertisement. Each year, the family grew, the hair grew, and they always wore long, white, terry robes with different color piping around the edges.So, if you studied, you could match up children with their parents.  Do you remember that?


The Kellys kind of remind me of that. Although there were no robes donned, getting all these guys in one place at one time is harder than it looks! But once they’re all together it’s magic. Every time Janet gathers her troops she is an event planner. But one thing is for certain . . . the laughs ring loud and true, the food is abundant, and home is a great place to be when you’re a Kelly.


Janet is a wise woman. She keeps it all in perspective, goes with the flow,  and remembers what is really important about love and life. Plus, she got her Christmas card done and got to have her whole family around her for a day of omelets and football. Can’t beat that.


One Response to “Kelly. Clan.”

  1. Aw…Kath…how nice! What a pretty room, too, to go along with that pretty family. And what a photographer….i can see her smiling face, sparkling eyes and can hear the laughter on the wind! oxox

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