Museum of American History. Opening.





I love where we live; we’re close enough to DC to be able to go in for an afternoon, yet far enough away to be able to see a bright starry sky at night. Fridays have become our family field trip days, so this week it was the Grand Re-opening of the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Wow.

We didn’t even realize that it was the grand reopening, but when we came upon the museum it was a flurry of activity. Dorothy was strolling the promenade in her ruby slippers singing “Over the Rainbow,” and we were able to converse with both George Washington and Mary Pickersgill. Upon entering the  “Star Spangled Banner” display there was a hush, and the kids’ favorite part of the museum is the same as mine was as a kid . . . “Thanks for the Memories,” where we saw Kermit, Sienfeld’s ruffled shirt, and the real ruby slippers. My favorite as an adult is the Julia Child exhibit.   DC is such an exciting place to be . . . and the photography opportunities are all over the place. There are times when I make myself put away the camera so I can be a participant, but I did sneak it out occasionally to capture the day. And what a great day it was.





It was cold, cold, cold on the mall!




Micheal was fascinated by the huge dollhouse. All the kids stood there for about ten minutes choosing out their bedrooms.



The kids’ hands on museum is really great. All kids of creative activities in an enclosed space.





And, of course, Sam and Michael LOVED the History of Transportation exhibit, where they could ride a 1950’s bus simulator and view a full sized steam locomotive. 








Check out Will’s mug in the button! HHe was a little wary of the armed guards.




After 9/11, the security is so tight all over DC.
























The hands on children’s museum is phenomenal. They also have a “Spark Lab,” where the kids get to participate in fascinating experiments. It’s definitely worth a trip.



3 Responses to “Museum of American History. Opening.”

  1. Fun. Fun. Fun. It looks like you had a fun trip. I hope that you are in a few shots here and there too. I know your kids will want to have pictures with you too! I like the reflection in the button. I like seeing the static. I always enjoy your pictures! You did a great job capturing the fun that you had! ~ Lisa

  2. Hey, what day were you in DC? Our family was in DC the Sunday before Thanksgiving, in the cold cold mall, and at the American History Museum! That would’ve been wild to run into you. Afterwards, we went to PA for a family Thanksgiving. Sorry we missed you this time around. We had a pretty full agenda, and a Westminster detour wasn’t in the cards. Anyway, as always, great pics! — DNG

  3. Kathy Freundel Says:

    DNG_ Whoa. We just missed your family . . . all the way from Bainbridge Island, and we missed you by two days. Somehow we visited on Day 1 of the opening celebration . . . got our American flag pins and everything. But you’re right. The mall was COLD, COLD, COLD!

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