I am thankful. 

My parents have built a legacy. A legacy of love and acceptance that will live on long after they are gone.

Family holidays have always been . . .

 A place where we can all unwind, laugh and enjoy one another.

A place where the kids can escape into the basement and surface hours later with a full scale theatrical production.

A place where each of Gram’s piano students gets to perform for a full house.

A place where the food is plentiful, but the love is more plentiful.

Oh, and guests are always welcomed into the fold.

These are my peeps.











4 Responses to “Thankful.”

  1. I love the family picture! It is awesome. Send hugs to all my grown preschoolers!! What a treasure. Have fun this weekend. I will miss you all and hope that you get quality time with the Lord! I want to hear all about it! xoxo ~ Lisa

  2. Your oldest daughter looks so much like you–in just glancing at the first picture I thought she was you at first, until I saw you beside her!!!

  3. What awesome pictures – what a beautiful family! I love what you wrote about your peeps. Which Grandma is that in the picture with Sam?

  4. Thank, KT. That’s my Dad’s mom . . . Mom-Mom. Sam is her boy.

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