Tom. Jo Ellen. Erica. Ben. Gracie.






If you would ask my kids . . . Mr. Tom is the man who pulls lollipops out of their ears, and Miss Jo Ellen is the lady with the smiles and hugs who will take them on walks when they are feeling sad.

Tom and Jo Ellen moved to our community several years ago and have been leaving their fingerprints ever since. Jo Ellen is one of those gals that always has a smile and a kind word, whether I see her on the walking trail, in Target, or in the nursery at church where she LOVES on little ones with reckless abandon.  Tom is a wailing guitar player, who will stop in the middle of a screamin’ lick to answer his cell . . . for he is our community’s pediatrician . . . and he’s available 24/7. I often wonder how he will ever keep it up, but it is his passion and that’s why he is so good at what he does.   But first and foremost, they are Mom and Dad to Erica, equestrian extraordinaire, Benjamin, master of future technologies, and Gracie, princess of smileage.  Meet the Hickeys. Real family. Real love.



































One Response to “Tom. Jo Ellen. Erica. Ben. Gracie.”

  1. Kathy,
    You are incredibly gifted! You creativity makes your pictures “speak!”

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