Cousins’. Sleepover. . .

Sixteen cousins. Fifteen years running. Fourteen minutes of sleep.


But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This year the kids spoke of it being their last sleepover . . . after all, Katie is shipping off to college next year.

But I’ll hold on to hope . . . hope that they’ve realized the need to invest in relationship with one another . . . hope that the laughter and craziness will bring them back again and again. . . 

hope that the big screen quiz show, karaoke, late night pizza, midnight double feature, funnel cake breakfast, game playing frenzy will serve to remind them . . . 

that fun is something holy.

And that family is something sacred.
























































Laughing. Singing. Eating. Playing.

I can live with that. 




6 Responses to “Cousins’. Sleepover. . .”

  1. That night was so much fun! Thanks for letting everyone completely trash your house! Your pictures really capture the spirit of the night… Fun, fun, and more fun. Love You!

  2. Hi Kathy – I’ve seen you through the years in Target (for whatever reason it’s always been Target or BJ’s) in Westminster. I know that you have lots more than me, but it seemed we were often pregnant at the same time 2000 – 2004. I don’t know know how I found your site but I recognize names and people sometimes. Jo Ellen was my daughter’s CBS teacher. Also, I go to Lifepoint and seem to recognize people that way. I LOVE your work – you are truly amazing! I was hoping this is a blog that I can “Follow.”… or is it a website for your business that I can just make as a favorite? Regardless, wonderful work – beautiful family!

  3. spirithappy Says:

    Hi, I love your have one with the 3 boys laying down that look like it has film super 8 film grain..very nice..I am a filmmaker and spiritual life coach and love your photos it brings joy!.. did you remove your feedburner email subscription? take care, SpiritHappy

  4. I found your blog through my friend (in the above comment) Jenny. I just wanted to tell you that I love your photography and I strive to be you when I grow up!!! 🙂 I’m an aspiring, hope-to-be-professional-one-day, photographer and it was nice to discover that you live here in Westminster. I’d love any wisdom or advice you are willing to share. I don’t have any real connection with the photog community here in Carroll County and would love to know the ins and outs.

    Have a Blessed New Year!

    Visit my blog:

  5. aww everyone is sooo cute! This post was soo sweet! I loved the bright colors…..beautiful!

  6. This makes me want lots of kids and makes me want to pray my sister has lots too….. (although I know she only wants 2…) I, however, want more than that! 🙂

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