deb edge. sparkles. at evangeline.



deb edge. her motto is “i am real.” and  her uber cool name is only one of the many gifts belonging to this amazing woman.

She’s a  Francophile with a capital F. Always has been.

“Paris When it Sparkles,” is her show, now featured at Evangeline at 115 E Patrick St. in historic Frederick, MD.

Carol, owner of Evangeline and deb edge are a perfect complement to one another. The boutique is a sensual escape.

And the photos are so much more stunning in person. I won’t give away any surprises . . . just suffice it to say that if you’re in the area, it’s well worth the trip.

A visual feast. A little sparkle. A lot of deb. 

February 7th from 7-9, join deb for a glass of wine at Evangeline. I know she won’t mind that I invited you . . . it’s art for happy people.












deb takes functional art to a new level. The “gift tag” tree was one of my favs.










My cohort on this sunny winter day was Lanie of The Crystal Lenz. A photography show is ALWAYS more fun when shared with a friend. 🙂







Couldn’t resist THIS one!





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