Page. Jim and Ivelisse & clan.




Jimmy and Ivelisse are  American Gothic circa 2009. Solid stock, deep faith, and unwavering family values. And they were such a blast to shoot. Completely open and free with a wonderful sense of playfulness. If the family that plays together, stays together, great things are in store for the Page clan.












Amazing Grace . . . what a picture of complete trust in a faithful father . . . hmm. . . some great life lessons here.












The Page’s have a big dry erase board in their kitchen that says “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

Hanging with the Pages gives testimony to  the power of words, and the power of The Word. Their word of the year is BELIEVE . . . and they do.  Each one of them walks freely, undergirded by a sense of family belonging.



All the time.




4 Responses to “Page. Jim and Ivelisse & clan.”

  1. I loved the way you captured this family’s spirit! I couldn’t agree more…they are such an example of “deep faith and unwavering family values!”

  2. Love this shoot! They look like such a fun and spirit-filled family!

  3. Love your work! I indirectly know the Page family (friends with Jimmy’s sister) and am in love with this shoot! You are an inspiration and so are they!

  4. HOLY cow! What a GREAT photoshoot! This family’s personality just leaps off the screen! YOU are absolutely amazing…God has blessed you with an incredibly talent…and us with you. oxoxo

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