Pablo. Grabiel. Jazz.


Pablo Grabielismo is one of those musicians that demands to be heard. Monday’s  NACE Baltimore chapter  meeting at Sheraton Center City was the venue and I had gone to shoot the event.  The mix was a combination of straight ahead jazz, Latin jazz, and swing. Pablo brought a combo . . . two guitars, an upright bass, a tenor sax. Natural ease with a sense of fun. And that only happens because Pablo and his combo are  at the top of their game, musically, playing a mixture of classic jazz, laced with a well placed “cooker.” The interplay among the musicians was the highlight for me. At one point it was the bass player’s turn to take a solo; it didn’t even sound like he was playing music . . . it sounded like  stream of consciousness  conversation. Seriously. That’s when my jaw hit the floor. And then Pablo answered back with his guitar . . . a serious of wistful lines punctuated by a well placed pop. Musical ambrosia. I knew I wanted to share Pablo with you. And the best part?  His company Grabielismo Productions hosts a cadre  of DC’s best musicians. So, you call Pablo . . . tell him what you want . . . and he arranges everything. In the testimonial section of his website, the one thing I read again and again, is that Pablo listens, Pablo delivers, and Pablo makes whole experience devoid of stress. How’s that for a LOVEMARKS COMPANY?


I thought it would be fun for you to meet Pablo. So here goes.

1.  What is the Grabielismo mission?

 To help clients turn their events into everything they envision with minimal stress.

2.  How has your personal journey brought you to this point?

 I guess the most significant event was when I was 19 and going through a rough patch in my life.  Down and out, I turned to the guitar for peace and to getaway to a “healthy place,” taught myself, and the rest of the journey is a long story.  

3. What is the best part of your job?

 When a bride tells me that the music was perfect, exactly what they were looking for and that it made the event!

4.  What is on your ipod right now?

 Fania Allstars (Salsa), Charlie parker with strings, and Duke Ellington with Charles Mingus and a bunch of Wes Montgomery.

5.  Best read last year.

 “Effortless Mastery” by Kenny Werner 

6.  Five top desert island must- haves.

1) My Wife & Daughter

2) Guitar

3) An upright Bass player with upright bass

4) Real books (jazz music) volumes  1, 2 & 3

5) a case of extra guitar strings

Bucket List:

1) Record a few albums with my original material

2) See my daughter’s 40th birthday

3) Head into the Alaskan wilderness, again, for a whole summer; it was the time of my life!






In addition to being a business owner and working musician in DC, Pablo is a devoted husband and father to sweet daughter,  Estela. He has worked as a behavior analyst and  music therapist for dementia patients. That rough patch produced some great fruit.

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