New. Studio.



My studio in historic Reisterstown, MD is the perfect place to talk about your Baltimore or Washington wedding photography and view some sample products. 


A peaceful place. A quiet place. A place to sip tea, talk about your wedding day and get to know one another.  And, yes, I do shoots there as well.


It’s located in a beautiful brick cape cod. . .  right at the mouth of 795 . . . Minutes from the heart of Batlimore and less than an hour from downtown DC.  Sweet.




5 Responses to “New. Studio.”

  1. Am i missing something in that there is only ONE picture???? i want moah! (-8 i would LOVE to go up there with you one day to see it. One of the times we didn’t connect phone-wise, that was why i was calling. But you know me…there and then gone!

    It LOOKS just like you, Kath…beautiful and definitely a place that i would WANT to go!

    i love it! oxoxoxox

  2. Congratulations! You’re living my dream…

  3. Jenna M. Says:

    Way to go Kathy…I can’t wait to take a peek!

  4. gandvbecker Says:

    How exciting!!!

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