Dance. party.



It started out as an eleventh birthday party for some 5th graders at HisWay Homeschool. It wound up being a hugely fun dance party for families in our community held at our new church building in Westminster, formerly a tractor supply, formerly a roller skating rink, now New Creations Fellowship.





So, the plan was to teach “dancing through the ages,” to moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and friends.

We did colonial dancing, square dancing, and of course, the cha cha slide. 






My neice, Katie was the caller as Carl played the square dancing tuneage.



Mix masters were our high schoolers, Nick Rogers and Josh Page.



You’re never too old for a dance mat. 






Three of my girls, Juliana, Kristiana and Jordan teach the HoeDown ThrowDown.




Now, that was an after school special to remember.

One Response to “Dance. party.”

  1. This is GREAT! The school sounds great, the church sounds great! I have homeschooling friends and would love to know where this group meets, more about the church etc….

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