I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It called me out from these last days of March, when hope of spring is strong, but winter won’t let go. So, the invite to play the photo double for Ellen Byerrum’s heroine, Lacey Smithsonian was one I embraced as an “out of the box” adventure.

Three days in DC. The cast and crew flew in from Vancouver to finish up shooting “Killer Hair” and “Hostile Makeover,” which will air on Lifetime in June. As photo double for Maggie Lawson, who plays Lacey in the movies, I was able to get a “behind the scenes” on movie making, drive a vintage 280Z through the DC streets, and meet some of the most creative, fun people. Yup, I brought my camera, and nope . . . nobody asked me to put it away. Sweet.

I had been feeling a little bored. Not no mo. 



Maggie takes the streets.



The Vancouvers. Harvey Kahn, producer (on his Blackberry). . . Jerry Ciccoritti, director (in the foreground,) and  Patricia Walden (in yellow hat) . . . 1st AD . . . she IS grace under pressure. The DC’s . . . Chan Claggett (Prod. Manager) and Kerience Lucas (PA) were also a lesson in grace.  Coolest part? The DOP was John Vallon . . . very impressive. Guess where he lives? WESTMINSTER, baby. Oh yea.





Terri Trupp prepares Victor Webster (“Vic”) for his scenes in our little mo ho, and if you look way in the back, you’ll see Elen Pompiel’s teeny wardrobe room where she did all her magic.



And meet Evan Samuels, mo ho driver. (no easy task on the DC streets!) who even put out a fire on day two! Nicest guy you’ll  meet. He, Al, and Lisa spent the day shuttling cast and crew through DC. (I would be a walking basket case.)





Victor runnin’ lines.




My little hot car. Actually, Bruce Willey’s little hot car, but he let me call it mine for the day. 



The  super kind Bruce Willey who instilled supreme confidence in my city driving abilities 🙂





Rona Edwards, executive producer  was in for the duration . . . what a warm and vivacious lady . . .  and she’s a really good photographer to boot!




And the creator of Killer Hair . . .Ellen Byerrum . . . how exciting  would it be to see your character come to life in a movie? When I asked if she ever dreamed that she’d be watching one of her novels be made into a movie . . . she responded, “oh yea, that  plus so much more!”  My kinda girl!!




Maggie on day one with the amazing Sherri Bramlett, who was able to look at book of hairstyles and replicate them all in minutes. Sherri captured my heart. After all, she made me look similar to Maggie in the hair department. No simple feat. AND, she is a walking party.  




And beautiful Maggie Lawson. As I say to my girls . . . pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside, pretty through and through.









Maggie and Victor taking in the city. DC was really showing off. It was beautiful.


So, if you’re wondering how this ever happened . . .it’s all thanks to my Carl, who says “yes” whenever he can.

And of course to my sister, Nancy, who taught my classes for me, picked up my Caroline from school when she was sick, and took my Michael out to McDonald’s for his fourth birthday lunch in my stead.

And my Mom and Dad, who have sacrificed to say “yes” to me my entire life. 

Have I said it before? I’m so grateful.


3 Responses to “Killer.Hair.”

  1. Reid, boom op, tuesday Says:

    Hi there…thanks for the pics…. If you are amused by a freezing morning at Jefferson Memorial followed by spending the rest of the day trying to work around DC security YOU need to get out more 😉 .. Never got to say hi but I saw you smiling in the back ground several times..

    Wishing you a great new year ( shhhhh… It doesn’t really start till spring…

    Best…. Reid

  2. Hi, Kathy! Thank you very much! Your photography is AMAZING! I loved meeting you and spending those days with you on our shoot. You were a joyous presence! Kathy, you are beautiful inside and outside, through and through, too. Please keep in touch…love you, much.

    🙂 Sherri ox

  3. disneyleanne Says:

    Thanks for that pic of you and Maggie and Bruce. I hope you don’t mind that I saved it. He’s my grandfather (he linked us to your blog so we could see the experience) and he’s SOO excited about this! He said he really appreciated what good care you took of his baby. He also mentioned that he had to help you with the seatbelt- yeah, none of us ever really got that down either! Thanks again for the picture. =]

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