Jim. Cabral.





 I’ve known Jim, his wife Stacey and their three little ones for less than a year, but it doesn’t feel that way. Their posse (several rows of family and friends) became part of our church family at NCF, and we won on that deal. Jim is a gifted musician/ singer/ songwriter and his energy and passion for life is an inspiration. Jim and Stacey . . . they are the real deal.  Jim’s The Mirror is now my website music, and you can see where he’s playing by accessing his MySpace page. 





How would you describe your music?

My music is probably best defined as adult contemporary.   My writing is most often a product of some great joy or pain in my life, although I’ve written some stuff that was just plain fun or something God was teaching me that I thought people would relate to.

Who are your major influences?

Bruce HornsbyMichael W. SmithWayne KirkpatrickKeith GreenSteven Curtis Chapman are my top five, but there are undertones of dozens of others in there.

What’s on your ipod right now?

Wayne Kirkpatrick’s 2001 album “The Maple Room.”  Get that album.  I command you!  Also S.C.Chapman’s “Miracle of the Moment” and Don Henley’s “End of the Innocence”.

Top three on your bucket list . .

Take my wife on a trip to Paris, a trip that she deserves a hundred times over, have a cup of coffee and talk shop with Michael W. Smith (it could happen!), and finish my album (they all seem equally out of reach right now, but I gotta have faith-a, faith-a, faith-aaaah.

What are your top five desert island must haves?

My wife, my kids (it’s a big island, right?), my very special NIV Bible I inherited, a stack of books (various authors), notebook computer with wifi (and a very strong router?)

What do you want your kids to know about you?

That Daddy is flawed and even a little bent, but couldn’t ever imagine a life without each of them.  I would support them in whatever they did, whether it’s front man in a rock band, doctor, police officer… whatever!  I would want them to draw from all my strengths and talents while somehow managing to avoid all the weaknesses and frailties I have.



blog-5Tree of Life.














2 Responses to “Jim. Cabral.”

  1. Kath! i love this photo shoot and interview! It’s like i said…this is what you should be doing-doing! Your passion and love will still be there when you get the check$ i love the “feel” of these photos. i can feel this guy’s strength. His heart is so deep. And he interviews like he’s been doing it for magazine after magazine. i think you both have a gift. And i would LOVE to go hear his. i love you!

  2. Aunt Kath, you have such a talent, it’s inspiring! I LOVE the tree of life photo… ah, it is so neat. They are just amazing… Love ya 🙂 See ya tomorrow!

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