Tania. Jeff.

Liberty Mountain in beautiful Southern Pennsylvania provided the backdrop of the spring time wedding of Tania and Jeff. The photography was easy . . . these guys were so full of fun and life and there was nary a dull moment. Tania and Jeff enjoyed every moment of their day, and it was full of surprises.  Tania surprised Jeff with a post dinner serenade (and, boy, can she sing!), quickly followed by a song by Tania’s father, Kenton and her brother, Kenton III. (everyone in that family got the singin’ gene!)  At the night’s end the dance floor was still full and the guests were headed down to the pub to continue the celebration. Tania and Jeff will spend their newlywed months in a great rustic home that they’ve built nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Life is good.










































6 Responses to “Tania. Jeff.”

  1. LOVE these photos! Really like the use of the fallen cherry blossoms and the reflection photo in the limo (You could have entered that in I heart Faces contest – they just did one last week – theme “reflections”… hey, did you do the Ad for Pomeroy’s “Birthdays Happen”? Loved it!

  2. Sue Graff Says:

    What a gorgeous bride!!! Could your smile be any bigger?? Congrats to you both. Here’s wishing you MANY years of happiness, love and sharing…

  3. I just wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic job you did! These pictures are incredible and I am so excited to see the rest. Much thanks from Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Tania Decker

    • Kathy Freundel Says:

      No, thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Decker 🙂 for including me in your special day. See why I think I have the BEST job in the world??? It’s because I get to meet people like you!

  4. Stacey Says:

    Lovely pics! I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Awesome job!

  5. Alice Jones Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I too can’t wait to see more.

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