Meghan. Jeremy.

Meghan and Jeremy will be married  October 2009  at the beautiful Gramercy Mansion in the heart of Baltimore  horse country and I get to do their photography! yay!

So, we took the opportunity when summer came knocking in April of this year to go on a “get to know you” photo shoot. I LOVE these shoots because I get to know my clients very well, very quickly. I also love to tell the story of their love and make a guest book with the photos . . . something meaningful to look at with your children’s children one day!


Meghan and Jeremy met through another health professional who had been meditating and kept seeing their images together. He made the arrangements for Meghan and Jeremy to meet, and after their first date at a tea cafe they’ve never looked back. Meghan and Jeremy dream of opening  a healing center together where Jeremy can teach meditation, tai chi and qigong and do craniosacral therapy and Meghan can see clients in her therapy practice and do Bringing Baby Home workshops…they  both want to spread healing and health into the community! They spend their weekends hiking, connecting to their cats, going to the  movies and are soon to be taking dance classes together.


Meghan is a gorgeous red headed Irish lass . . . I envisioned her on horseback at the Cliffs of Moher  . . . but she looks just as gorgeous in the arms of her man at the spiritual center at Bon Secours.


















































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