In our family, Mother’s Day is an all out, indulge the moms celebration.  We commenced after church as we retired to the music room for a glass of wine and delicate conversation. Meanwhile, the kitchen was a buzz with brunch preparations.  Kids took the sides. Dads took the mains. It was the perfect afternoon.  No prep. No clean up. Great food. Fresh coffee. Chocolate chip cookies.  A mid afternoon walk in the springtime sunshine.  O happy day.








My beautiful mom. Grace and dignity all the time.




Mom-Mom who is every bit a lady, full of class and full of strength.








And Gi-Gi. Never met a wee one who could resist her! Looking pretty good at 98!




My sister and I agree . . . we have the most amazing cadre of strong women in our lives. They are our mentors. They are our closest friends. They are our delight.


2 Responses to “Mom.”

  1. So awesome…i feel like i was inside your head watching while you were shooting this.

    i do wish you had given Nancy the camera for one second so you could have been in the picture, too. Better still…i would have liked for one of the younger Freundelians to have shot all the ladies of the day together — family history.

    But who am i to ask that!!!! (-8 Just someone who loves you! oxoxox

  2. Kathy,
    I’ve been so fortunate to have had most of you in my life at some point. Love your pictures and if you want to be in one, love to help out.
    Hugs to you all,

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