Last day of first grade. My Caroline is a happy camper, swinging away in her newly invented “swing tub.” The tire swing came crashing down last week and so those littles got to work. So, it’s time to record some “favorites” at the magical age of seven.

Favorite book:  Betsy’s Little Star by Carolyn Haywood, The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polocco and Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Dream Vacation:  Disney World

Future Occupation:  “Oh, I don’t know. I used to want to be Donald Duck at DisneyWorld, but now I’ll be anything . . . except a poop cleaner.”

What I Want to Name my Girl Twins:  Stephanie and Stacey.   Boy Twins:  Samuel and Isaiah

Favorite Restaurant :  Friendly’s. I love the mac and cheese, toast w/ butter and eggs, and always ice cream for dessert.

Favorite Song:  “Caroline” by Daddy.

Favorite Memory of 1st grade:  Eating Egypt food in history like flat bread, pomegranates, grapes, olives and feta.

Three things I want to do over the summer:  gymnastics, ballet, and soccer.

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