Rachael. Erin. Best friends.




Rachael and Erin have been next door neighbors and best friends for going on ten years.




Like most best friends, they finish each other’s sentences and  say the same thing at the same time.




Now they’re at a crossroads. Rachael will head off to York College of Pennsylvania in about six weeks, and Erin will pack her bags for Bridgewater College in Virginia.




Time to  capture their sweet friendship on the cusp of a new adventure. 




Don’t think they’ll drift very far apart. 




They are wise enough to know the treasure of a ya.




They are running over with hopes and dreams and I know they’ll be there for one another through it all.








I know about eight Freundeli’s that are really gonna’ miss these gals. They’ve added magic to the month of June for us.




Promise you won’t forget me. Because if I thought you would, I’d never leave.

_winnie the pooh.


4 Responses to “Rachael. Erin. Best friends.”

  1. Great post! Great pics! That last shot and comment is awesome.


  2. Hi Kathy,
    reminded me of my past. Still close to my 2 best friends from Harvey, Ill. One’s in Ca and the other in So. Ill now.
    Loved the pictures, but I’m a picture nut:)))

  3. AH!! Kathy, it’s not just the photos – which are stunning! REALLY REALLY LOVE the last one… it’s also the writing. The photos tell the story – the words seal the deal! You give a amazing gift to your subjects.. . a treasure that never ever fades. You are truly amazing.

  4. KF – Have you checked out http://iheartfaces.blogspot.com/ yet – I would really like to see your stuff there.

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