Tara. Paul.



I met Tara and Paul and their daughter, Haley in historic Annapolis for their “get to know you” shoot. The were on the tail end of an east coast beach vacation, having flown in from their home in Colorado. They will come back in September to be married on the water at Swan Cove Manor

in Cambridge, Maryland.






We roamed the campus of St. John’s College, Fleet Street, and the quaint little side streets of Old Annapolis on the most beautiful of summer days.




Twelve year old, Haley, was a welcomed addition to our romantic shoot . . . she is FULL of love and light, and will be Tara’s maid of honor.




Tara and Paul are both East Coasters who could have met at University of Pennsylvania where they both earned their VMD’s . . . but they just missed each other. Fast forward several years to Colorado State, where Tara had gone to become a veterinary surgical oncologist and Paul was a professor and veterinary clinical pathologist. They LOVE Colorado, they LOVE one another and they LOVE their sweet girl, Haley. They will build a beautiful life together in their hundred year old cottage in Fort Collins. 




















Tara’s diamond belonged to Paul’s great, great grandmother and looks like perfection on her beautiful hand.





To see other photos from our “get to know you” session, visit the Client galleries on my website . . . it’s under “engagement sessions.”

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