Rachel. Sunny Side Up.


Rachel just turned sixteen. Remember her crazy murder mystery party?? She’s Enchanted’s Giselle in the flesh, and I promised that I’d do a quirky, funny photo shoot of her as Giselle.

But . . . that’s not how the day went. Rachel has so many facets . . . hard to believe she’s already only sixteen.


Pensive and reflective . . . I know when that facet shines, there are a million noble thoughts and dreams going in her head.


Here’s a little taste of the sweet sixteen party girl, Gisellesque Rachel.


Here’s the Jane Austen lovin’, girl after my own heart, escape in a great book Rachel. She’s more well read than I ever hope to be.

It’s one of her secret indulgences.


Lizzy Bennett. Scout Finch. Meg and Jo. and Jesus.

Friends she knows well.


pure.  gorgeous. sunshine.


We saw this sculpture from the side and both thought it was a rock climbing wall.

It was at the end of our very hot photo shoot but we couldn’t resist it!


There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.

– jane austen.



5 Responses to “Rachel. Sunny Side Up.”

  1. Oh, Kath! This is one of my absolute faves! And everything you said is just as wonderful as are the photos. Rachel looks so much like Nancy to me. She has that fragile bone structure that belies the strength within…but knowing from whence she comes…we all know it’s there! This is the most wonderful gift you could have ever given her.

    • Kathy Freundel Says:

      I know! As Carl and I were looking at these photos, we kept seeing Nancy’s face in a long blonde wig!! She is so stunningly beautiful, inside and out.

  2. Aunt Kath, you did such a great job! Thank you so much for such a wonderful birthday gift. I had a great time with you and you chose perfect spots to shoot that captured my personality. You are so talented! Love you so much.
    ~ Rae

  3. Rachel Corman Says:

    Oh my goodness these are absolutely gorgeous! Mrs. Kathy you captured Rae in all of her best moments… but then again she has many moments! Rae i love you and your gorgeous self so much =]

  4. Rae, your Aunt Kathy has captured your joy, beauty and inner strength. I love your quiet courage and determination. Happy 16th birthday – you bring such joy into so many lives and I admire who you are and what you stand for. Your Pap and I love you very much.
    Your gram and pap

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