Karen. Chad.


The first time I met Karen and Chad the conversation flowed so easily that we quickly moved from . . . .”so, how did you meet?” . . . to pondering the big questions of life. Yup, right in the studio, first night. So, when I went home and told Carl about this intriguing couple who have traveled the world and found each other in a whirlwind of passion and adventure, I wanted him in on the excitement. We met up a couple of weeks later for fajitas and sweet tea, and again went from superficial to real in a matter of minutes.

Walt Whitman. Fred Astaire. Florence Nightingale

. . . any of these monikers is apropos.


Karen and Chad met ballroom dancing. And they’re good. During their shoot we went from Waltz to Cha-Cha to Swing and hit a couple more in between.



Karen is a nurse at Hopkins and Chad is a mechanical engineer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

They are different enough to keep life spicy, yet share really cool hobbies.



Their favorite hobby is, ahem, each other.


But hiking, traveling, reading, and playing are right in there.



Karen and Chad will be married this autumn at the elegant Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, MD.

I know their first dance will be somethin’ to see. I can’t wait.


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