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Karen. Chad.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on August 21, 2009 by Kathy Freundel


The first time I met Karen and Chad the conversation flowed so easily that we quickly moved from . . . .”so, how did you meet?” . . . to pondering the big questions of life. Yup, right in the studio, first night. So, when I went home and told Carl about this intriguing couple who have traveled the world and found each other in a whirlwind of passion and adventure, I wanted him in on the excitement. We met up a couple of weeks later for fajitas and sweet tea, and again went from superficial to real in a matter of minutes.

Walt Whitman. Fred Astaire. Florence Nightingale

. . . any of these monikers is apropos.


Karen and Chad met ballroom dancing. And they’re good. During their shoot we went from Waltz to Cha-Cha to Swing and hit a couple more in between.



Karen is a nurse at Hopkins and Chad is a mechanical engineer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

They are different enough to keep life spicy, yet share really cool hobbies.



Their favorite hobby is, ahem, each other.


But hiking, traveling, reading, and playing are right in there.



Karen and Chad will be married this autumn at the elegant Ceresville Mansion in Frederick, MD.

I know their first dance will be somethin’ to see. I can’t wait.


Allison. Tim.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on August 12, 2009 by Kathy Freundel


When I first met Allison earlier this spring at my studio, I knew she was somethin’ special. The conversation came easy and the laughs came even easier. . . .pure sunshine.   Just recently, I got to meet Tim. It took me only 30 seconds to realize that I love this couple!  Our “get to know you” session  was a piece of cake, despite the August humidity.   Allison and Tim have a great love for one another . . . they laugh so easily together and were willing to try anything I suggested. Have I mentioned the I love this couple?! They are best friends and if their autumn wedding at the Tremont is anything like this engagement session, it’s going to be incredible beautiful and a ton of fun!












Tara. Paul.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on July 11, 2009 by Kathy Freundel



I met Tara and Paul and their daughter, Haley in historic Annapolis for their “get to know you” shoot. The were on the tail end of an east coast beach vacation, having flown in from their home in Colorado. They will come back in September to be married on the water at Swan Cove Manor

in Cambridge, Maryland.






We roamed the campus of St. John’s College, Fleet Street, and the quaint little side streets of Old Annapolis on the most beautiful of summer days.




Twelve year old, Haley, was a welcomed addition to our romantic shoot . . . she is FULL of love and light, and will be Tara’s maid of honor.




Tara and Paul are both East Coasters who could have met at University of Pennsylvania where they both earned their VMD’s . . . but they just missed each other. Fast forward several years to Colorado State, where Tara had gone to become a veterinary surgical oncologist and Paul was a professor and veterinary clinical pathologist. They LOVE Colorado, they LOVE one another and they LOVE their sweet girl, Haley. They will build a beautiful life together in their hundred year old cottage in Fort Collins. 




















Tara’s diamond belonged to Paul’s great, great grandmother and looks like perfection on her beautiful hand.





To see other photos from our “get to know you” session, visit the Client galleries on my website . . . it’s under “engagement sessions.”

Lisa. Steve.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on June 6, 2009 by Kathy Freundel


Lisa and Steve will be married this September in Carroll County, so  for our “get to know you shoot,” we went back to the early days of their romance on a little trip to ersatz Italy.  























Can you guess where Lisa and Steve met and fell in love???  

It’s a real love story, 21st century style, and they are as in love as any couple I’ve met.

Beautiful on the inside.

Beautiful on the outside. 

Courtney. Craig.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on May 11, 2009 by Kathy Freundel

Courtney and Craig will be married this October at historic Ceresville Mansion in Frederick County, and the wedding will be full of life and laughter, just like them.

We had a great time at their “get to know you” session. It was a vibrant, showery spring day, so we were in and out of doors, dodging showers until the end when we decided to play in the rain. Courtney and Craig are huge Steelers fans, and basically LOVE just hanging out together in their condo with their dog, Tater Tot. They have an easy, playful spirit together . . . they know how to keep one another laughing. Craig popped the question on a 4th of July. His plan involved a secluded secret location, fireworks, and a surprise visit by several of his police colleagues.  Craig is about the nicest Baltimore County policeman I’ve ever met and he is crazy about his gorgeous Courtney. Visa Versa for that matter! 








































Meghan. Jeremy.

Posted in Engagement Sessions on May 8, 2009 by Kathy Freundel

Meghan and Jeremy will be married  October 2009  at the beautiful Gramercy Mansion in the heart of Baltimore  horse country and I get to do their photography! yay!

So, we took the opportunity when summer came knocking in April of this year to go on a “get to know you” photo shoot. I LOVE these shoots because I get to know my clients very well, very quickly. I also love to tell the story of their love and make a guest book with the photos . . . something meaningful to look at with your children’s children one day!


Meghan and Jeremy met through another health professional who had been meditating and kept seeing their images together. He made the arrangements for Meghan and Jeremy to meet, and after their first date at a tea cafe they’ve never looked back. Meghan and Jeremy dream of opening  a healing center together where Jeremy can teach meditation, tai chi and qigong and do craniosacral therapy and Meghan can see clients in her therapy practice and do Bringing Baby Home workshops…they  both want to spread healing and health into the community! They spend their weekends hiking, connecting to their cats, going to the  movies and are soon to be taking dance classes together.


Meghan is a gorgeous red headed Irish lass . . . I envisioned her on horseback at the Cliffs of Moher  . . . but she looks just as gorgeous in the arms of her man at the spiritual center at Bon Secours.

















































Tara & Jon

Posted in Engagement Sessions on April 2, 2008 by Kathy Freundel
This was a fun and romantic photo shoot . . . Tara and Jon met at McDaniel College. Jon plays guitar and sings in our local hangouts, and Tara is a graduate student. Their playful spirit was so easy to capture. 


Impossible to make these two look less than gorgeous!
The sun was so strong that day that we had to search for pockets of shade.
Thanks, Tara & Jon for letting me capture your relationship on film.