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Lisa. Steve. Sneak Peak.

Posted in Weddings on September 20, 2009 by Kathy Freundel


Lisa and Steve live over the hill from me. Literally.

In fact, every single vendor at this wedding was right here from good ol’ Westminster.

(Except for my second, Tim. He drove all the way from Hanover, PA.)

Last night I made it home in time to eat dinner with my tribe.


I’m so excited about this couple and this wedding. Here’s just a sneak peak.

Way more coming soon.

Lisa and Steve met working at the Olive Garden . . . you may remember their romantic, after-hours engagement session at the restaurant.


Beautiful anticipation.


They laugh a whole lot. That’s the way it should be in my book.


A big white ballroom tent, a reflecting pool and acres of greenery . . .

a backyard reception most elegant.

What an amazing wedding. That’s just a sneak peak to entice . . .

there’s way more to come, but today is a big day in our home.

Shh. It’s a secret, but ‘ll tell you soon. Gotta go. Tons to do!

One last image . . .


I can never resist a chippy, white, warehouse wall.


Queen Anne Marina. Part II.

Posted in Weddings on August 1, 2009 by Kathy Freundel

I raved a couple of weeks ago about the elegant wedding of Elaine and Mike Scivetti overlooking the Chesapeake Bay from beautiful Kent Island.


Mike and Elaine went to high school together in Maryland, and from hearing everyone speak, he carried a torch for her for many years.


By the way that she looked at him and her infectious giggle, it’s obvious  that she is just as much enamored as he.

They just returned from a month in Italy . . . what a way to start a new life together!!

Wanted to share some shots from Tim Hinsche, who shot this wedding with me. I am so blessed to work with such great shooters!!





Click here to view Elaine & Mike’s wedding slideshow!

Katie. Zack.

Posted in Weddings on June 14, 2009 by Kathy Freundel

The historic Gettysburg College Chapel and the Mary Penn Bed & Breakfast set a perfect summer backdrop for the wedding celebration of Katie and Zack last night. Katie planned the entire wedding and did not miss a detail . . . everyone completely enjoyed the celebration under the stars. Tim and Karen came along to shoot with me, and we had so much fun telling the story of the dairy farmer and his beautiful wife. Enjoy these first images. More to come . . . 








































































Tania. Jeff.

Posted in Weddings on May 7, 2009 by Kathy Freundel

Liberty Mountain in beautiful Southern Pennsylvania provided the backdrop of the spring time wedding of Tania and Jeff. The photography was easy . . . these guys were so full of fun and life and there was nary a dull moment. Tania and Jeff enjoyed every moment of their day, and it was full of surprises.  Tania surprised Jeff with a post dinner serenade (and, boy, can she sing!), quickly followed by a song by Tania’s father, Kenton and her brother, Kenton III. (everyone in that family got the singin’ gene!)  At the night’s end the dance floor was still full and the guests were headed down to the pub to continue the celebration. Tania and Jeff will spend their newlywed months in a great rustic home that they’ve built nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Life is good.










































Christina. Brandon. A Grey Rock Mansion Wedding. Baltimore.

Posted in Weddings on November 15, 2008 by Kathy Freundel






Corpus Christie Church in Baltimore, MD was the location for the November wedding of Christina and Brandon. It was a crisp autumn evening, made more exciting by the filming of the Sarah Jessica Parker HBO series right next door. Hence, the cool lighting.












Brandon is a DJ with Absolute Entertainment

and therefore, the mixes were abounding, to put it mildly.

Brandon and Christina executed a beautifully choreographed first dance to get the party started. And let me tell you, once it started  . . . it didn’t stop. Absolute’s Jason DJ’ed the party to end all parties.












Shot this one with Kim of Kimberly Brooke Photography. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Multiple shooters . . . don’t miss a moment.

Rebecca & Adam

Posted in Weddings on November 3, 2008 by Kathy Freundel


A classic wedding in Arlington, VA and a party following in the Ronald Reagan Building in the heart of Washington, DC.  lends itself to a plethora of photography opps! Rebecca and Adam’s day was gorgeous (mid 70’s in November!),  boasted clear skies over our nation’s capitol, and united two families  full of love and warmth.










Rebecca’s maiden name is Ruby . . . check out her beautiful earrings, and even more beautiful smile, which she wore all day long.



 Rebecca’s brother, Michael was her attendant, (master of honor?) and wrote and sang the greatest song at the ceremony, documenting their courtship.












Adam’s attendants were his best man, brother Lucas, and his grooms’ women . . . Adam and Rebecca both made “out of the box” choices that made their day so unique and memorable.






Adam, pre-ceremony outside the balcony of his hotel room . . . he was relaxed, but incredibly excited to see his bride for the first time that day.




Adam and Rebecca met in grad school in Syracuse, NY. He later became a food stylist/ chef with The Food Network and she works with the National Diabetes Association. After a brief separation, Adam realized that his joy was complete with Rebecca and moved from Florida to DC to join her. (I learned all that in Michael’s song!!)

Can’t you see it in her smile? Life with Rebecca will be full of fun and adventure.















Adam & Rebecca seem so comfortable with one another . . . they both completely enjoyed their wedding day, and the celebration was full of the details that made it uniquely theirs. I shot this wedding with Kim of Kimberly Brooke Photography and had so much fun with her and her sister, Becky. Check out this shots that Kim grabbed on the streets of DC . . . Love ’em!







Melissa. Scott. and the Chesapeake.

Posted in Weddings on September 21, 2008 by Kathy Freundel

What happens when you put together the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, a late summer Baltimore wedding, and perfect light?  Photography nirvana.  Melissa and Scott had the best day for their wedding. They’re from Richmond, and Tech alumni, but they know what the Chesapeake has to offer . . .  and their whole wedding day reflected their style. Simple elegance. 






































It’s getting to be a pattern that I really like . . . shooting these babies with Kim of Kimberly Brooke Photography. We’re trying some cool new wedding things . . . having some fun with off camera lighting, and putting up a reception slideshow so the guests get to relive the day while it’s still happening! The response has been so much fun to listen to, and it is so much fun to shoot weddings with a photographer that I LOVE!