Party at The Tasting Room . . .

Veuve  Clicquot . . . lobster mashed potatoes . . .Panko Shrimp . . . decadent mocha chocolate cake . . .  Deb. Indulgence.  Joyous, her daughter, was clear to point out to us what the evening was not. It was not a bridal shower. It was not a bachelorette party. It was not only for her mom, deb. It was a celebration of all the people whom deb loves, and who love her right back.   Melissa handled the diversionary tactical phone call, saying she was running late, and for deb and Joy to meet her a The Tasting Room in Frederick. So, when deb and Joy arrived, we knew. She hadn’t a clue. Sweet.   Joy gave her the bling, which looked more like a vintage door knob, except it pulsated neon light . . . so whenever deb left the private room, she attracted some major attention. Fun.   And, we did indulge her with all matter of jewelry, lingerie, chocolate and champagne. Favorites.     And Joyous created the most decadent chocolate (from scratch) love cake. Yum.   Yes, it was an evening to celebrate our friend, deb, whom we adore, and to wish her blessing in her marriage to Jim. Lucky. Guy. deb’s peeps. Girlfriends. Meliss and Joyous. Best friends. Event planners. Party Girls. Beautiful.


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