Sound of Music. September Song.


It’s that time of year again. September Song, is in full swing, staging The Sound of Music.

I was in the audience back in ’77 when September Song first produced Sound of Music.

It was my first play.


My whole family went together.

I wanted to be Leisl.

I  got to stay up WAY past my bedtime.

Directed by Erin Kauffman and produced by Joan Eichorn, this year’s production features some of Carroll County’s finest.

Last night’s rehearsal had all the magic of community theater . . . costume fittings, fix-its, scene construction and lots of love in the house.






Proceeds go to support CHANGE, Inc. and Therapeutic Recreation Council.

Performances are September 4,5,11,& 12 at 8 pm and September 6 at 2:30.

Century High School, Sykesville, MD

and for the first time, tickets can be purchased online.

We’ve got our twelve tickets and plan to make a Sunday afternoon event of it . . .

kathyfreundel-1-2I brought two of the littles along with me last night.

My girls loved watching rehearsal and changed seats every scene so they could view the show from lots of different angles.

I had a little “splainin’ to do to Lily. She wanted to know why she was not cast as Gretl . . .

a Friendly’s “make your own sundae” helped her get over it.


2 Responses to “Sound of Music. September Song.”

  1. Geesh…how is it that pix of Lily always leave me in a puddle! She is so comfortable in front of the camera that it captures who she really is. i love it!

    And Kath….another geesh. Your words and your pix bring back that wistful quality of yesteryear for all of us when it comes down to the SOM.

    i am so happy God led you to your Nikon. He has given us all a gift in you. oxox

    PS i wish Lily had gotten the part, too.

    Anyone else i know in it?

  2. Joan Eichhorn Says:

    Dear Kathy,

    Thank you for this absolutely beautiful write-up and photos. You just seemed to capture what is the heart of September Song. So looking forward to seeing you and ALL of yours on Sunday at the matinee. Maybe next year we’ll get some of those beautiful children up there on our stage. Just wish that you weren’t so very far away! Much love to you from me, Jack, Rani, & Ashley

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